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Winning Wednesday Clubs

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Moody Middle School is trying to foster a sense of community within our school. We feel that “the experience of being connected, supported, valued, helpful, and influential in the daily life of the classroom and school” (Schaps, 2002) will give our students an opportunity to create caring relationships amongst not only the classroom teacher, but also other adults and fellow MMS students. One way to create these relationships is to be involved in a club.

Each club meets once a month during our Winning Wednesdays from 2:00 pm - 2:45pm. Our first club meeting will be November 1.

Ag Club—Learn about all the Alabama resources (farming, plants and animals) from farm to table. Work with Ms. Morton and Mrs. Wendt on the outdoor classroom, learning what plants will grow and provide shelter for animals in our area. (Room 127)

Art Club – Representatives from each home room will learn more about creating art with Mrs. Meyers. Invitation only. (Room 107)

Board Games Club—Mrs. Webb and Mrs. Byars are looking for club members who like to play board games! They have a few games and would love for members to bring their favorite board games to play. (Room 102) 

Bookworms — Mrs. Robinson loves to read. Join her bookworms club and talk about your favorite books. (6th Grade Science Lab) 

Breakout MMS— Mrs. Riker and Mrs. Martin want club members to use teamwork and critical thinking to solve challenging puzzles in order to open locked boxes. (Room 100)

Coding Club—Do you love computers?  Do you want to learn how to create computer games?  Then, Beginning Coding with Mrs. Morse is for you! (Green Hall Computer Lab) 

Creative Arts Club—Do you like to color and create things? Please join Mrs. Bynum and Mrs. Johnston club. (Room 220)

Creative Writing Club— If you enjoy writing, Creative Writing Club with Ms. Farris is for you. We journal and write stories, poems, etc. Bring your pencils, and be ready to put your fabulous ideas on paper! (Room 129)

Dance Team- In this club we will be learning different dances similar to what you would see by a dance line at a half time show at a football game.  Pom type routines and jazz dance skills will also be taught with Mrs. Dunn. (Gym Stage)

First Responders Club—Join Officer Ron and Mrs. Glidewell to learn how to respond in an emergency at school and at home. Meet local police officers, fire fighters and emergency personnel. Try on first responders' gear. (Room 203)

Fitness Club— Do you love getting in shape and staying fit? Join Mrs. Graham and Mrs. Gill’s club. (Gym)

Harry Potter Club  — If you love exploring the wonderful world of Harry Potter and Hogwarts this is the club for you. Mrs. Terry's club will play games, trivia, puzzles, books, movies all about Harry Potter. (Room 131)

Jr. Beta Club - Open to 6th grade students who meet a pre-determined criteria for academics, behavior, and attendance.  Mrs. Allen will extend invitations to students who qualify with the first Report Card sent home. (Library)

K’Nex Building Club – Do you like to build cars and robots out of K’Nex? Join Mrs. Parlier and Mrs. Shaufelberger. (Room 223)  

Music Club – Representatives from each home room will learn more about making music with Mrs. McCombs. This is an invitation only club selected by vocal auditions. (Room 108)

Robotics Club – Learn about drones and robots with Mr. Wise. (Room 209)

Science Club– Preform science experiments with Ms. Brown and Mrs. Slater’s club. (4th & 5th Grade Science Lab)

Sports Trivia Club—Do you know a lot about  of sports teams, rules, players, and more? Compete with Mr. McNutt against fellow students in this Trivia Club. THIS IS NOT A PHYSICAL ACTIVITY SPORTS CLUB! (Room 207)

Technology Club— Learn to use various forms of technology and become proficient in the world of computers. Ms. Taylor wants to show you how to create multimedia presentations. (Room 124)

Weird Broadcasting Club— Mrs. Key’s and Ms. Beason's club will film broadcasts full of the latest and greatest in the weird world of reading at MMS. Broadcast episodes will be uploaded to website for all to see. (Room 103)

Yearbook Club– Help put together the MMS Yearbook with Mrs. Britt and Mrs. Stribling. This club will help take pictures of students in class using school cameras, participate in a yearbook fundraiser, and must be willing to go out and sale yearbook ads to businesses in the community. (Room 120)