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Mary Morton Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
4th Grade Science


Bachelor's Degree

University of Auburn 1996



Ms. Morton began her teaching in 1996.  She has been a fourth grade teacher at Moody Middle School since 2004.


Ms. Morton graduated from Moody High School in 1991.  After graduating from Auburn University in 1996, she taught at Community Christian School for seven years. She has taught fourth grade at Moody Middle School for fourteen years.  Traveling is one of her favorite things to do.  On her journeys she has had the opportunity to visit Brazil, Mexico, England, Scotland, Colombia, and various states.  She hopes to go back to Hawaii with her sister.   She is very proud of and enjoys spending time with her nieces and newphews: Kielie, Valeria, Lane, and Caleb.  She loves to help take care of her canine friends as well! She aspires to read more and learn how to play the guitar.   A true Moody-ite, you may see her around town wearing a baseball cap and drinking Mountain Dew.